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I am a local government practitioner with more than 25 year experience, of which 20 years at a senior level in financial, administration, service delivery, legislation, community disputes, public demonstrations, high level disciplinary matters (chairperson and prosecutor), corporate governance and legislation areas. I am working as a Deputy Director in the office of a Municipal Manager and prefer to work with exact detail, avoid grey areas but take facts into consideration. I am punctual, decisive, very organized, administrative very rigid, treat all people equally, good negotiation skills, good conveyor of information, prefer facilitation rather than forcing decisions, can facilitate compromises, personality which attract other, leader, high levels of neutrality (open mind), understand the concept of punishment but rather focus on rehabilitation to develop human, fairness, grasp facts quickly, can make a ruling swiftly, understand the effect of cultural, religious believes/background/dynamics in actual disputes and dispute resolutions and have a passionate to resolve disputes. I obtained a certificate in Commercial Mediation at UCT in January 2015.

Practice Areas

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Banking
  • Community and peace making
  • Corporate governance
  • Delictual claims
  • Defamation
  • Electoral/IEC
  • Employment/Labour
  • Family Law
  • Human Rights/Constitutional
  • Governmental
  • Service Delivery
  • Property
  • Homeowners Association
  • Religion
  • Safety and security
  • Water
  • Workplace


  • R 400 / per hour
  • R 1 500 / per half day
  • R 3 000 / per full day
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