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A former theatre Scrub-nurse, Midwife and Compliance Inspector at the Office of Health Standards Compliance, I am a practicing Attorney in Johannesburg, specializing in Medical Negligence and Personal Injury. My passion is helping those in need, preserving and restoring their dignity. After conducting litigations in Criminal matters I realized that my passion to help the sick was difficult to let go. My passion to fight for better working conditions of healthcare professionals, which had landed me to be a nurses shop-steward, was activated during my time as a Compliance Inspector, after leaving Criminal litigation. I knew that focusing on medical negligence will not only benefit my clients, but will benefit all those who have to go through the health system and those tasked with rendering healthcare. I believe in utilizing every teaching opportunity that avails itself while handling each case. Mediation is the ideal method of handling medical negligence matters, because it encourages openness, honesty and an opportunity to rebuild relationships between healthcare professionals and their clients.

Practice Areas

  • Delictual claims
  • Defamation
  • Road Accident Fund
  • Electoral/IEC
  • Employment/Labour
  • Health Care/Policy
  • Human Rights/Constitutional
  • Land Evictions/PIE
  • Governmental
  • Service Delivery
  • Medical negligence
  • Religion


  • R 1 000 / per hour
  • R 5 000 / per half day
  • R 8 000 / per full day
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