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Short Bio

Dix is an Ordained Minister who has, and still does, practice ministry among people of all ages, cultures and ethnicities. She worked as a chaplain in two independent schools and in children homes. Furthermore, she has also worked as a lecturer and a tutor at a reputable university and a college. She is presently in ministry in a diverse church and is also working with university students. Throughout her ministerial work she experienced how conflict resolution mechanisms do not accord with the principles that Jesus employed in his teachings and resolution of disputes in that the theme in Jesus' teachings and dispute resolution was one of kindness, peace and love. Whereas our society's idea of dispute resolution, in contrast with Jesus, is more adversarial and destructive. Dix is motivated by the nuance above to utilise her mediation capabilities in assisting religious institutions, schools and society at large to resolve their conflicts amicably through mediation and not through other dispute resolution mechanisms that will result in hatred instead of peace.

Practice Areas

  • Education/Schools
  • Employment/Labour
  • Land Evictions/PIE
  • Pension
  • Religion
  • Workplace


  • R 500 / per hour
  • R 1 500 / per half day
  • R 3 000 / per full day
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