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Herlu Smith is currently the Chief State Law Advisor in the Office of the Premier. He holds B.Juris and LLB Degrees respectively and is a qualified attorney, notary and conveyancer (he practiced as an attorney for 21 years). His expertise lies strongly in the South African constitution, constitutional law, legal drafting and interpretation, Parliamentary Rules and Procedure, Ethics and local government legislation. Mr Smith has presented various papers on Rules and Procedures, Oversight Models, Ethics, national, provincial and municipal legislation and constitutional law to local and provincial governments in South Africa. He also presented papers at various conferences in South Africa, Lesotho, Tasmania (Australia) and Addis Ababa, as well as at the Pan-African Parliament. Mr Smith was responsible for the review and development of Procedural Rules for Local Councils in the Eastern Cape, the National Assembly and Senate of Lesotho as well as Codes of Ethics, Staff Regulations and Oversight mechanisms for the Pan African Parliament.

Practice Areas

  • Corporate governance
  • Education/Schools
  • Electoral/IEC
  • Employment/Labour
  • Human Rights/Constitutional
  • Governmental
  • General
  • Service Delivery


  • R 1 500 / per hour
  • R 5 000 / per half day
  • R 10 000 / per full day
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