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Personal relationships and the interaction between people has always been my interest.  My passion is to see that these relationships between people are sound and healthy, but sadly I have also noticed that often these relationships are damaged and mainly due to the fact that people do not listen to one another - do not make time to sit around a table and listen what the other has to say.  I believe that given the opportunity and the right safe environment, most relationships can be healthy even if not agreeing on issues - by respecting each other's viewpoint and finding a way to meet each other halfway. I worked as a qualified Social Worker in mainly family orientated organisations.  Married a farmer and while raising children owned and managed a home industry.  Taught computer practice at a College while kids were at school.   When we moved to the Western Cape I managed an orphanage and later, after doing a course in Event Management, acting as event manager in the hospitality service for a hotel group.  In 2007 I joined Kairos Mentoring, and is  since then involved in the process of mentoring people. I did a course in Commercial Mediation in 2015 at the University of Cape Town and to me it is as if all my life's experience and interest and passion is coming together in this amazing way to get people together to talk about their problems and find their own workable solutions.

Practice Areas

  • Agriculture
  • Business/Commercial
  • Community and peace making
  • Family Law
  • Religion
  • Workplace


  • R 500 / per hour
  • R 2 000 / per half day
  • R 4 000 / per full day
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