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Short Bio

Naëtt holds various International (CPR New York City, CEDR and UCT Business School - Advanced Mediation in Complex Environments) ) and South African (Conflict Dynamics/ACDR) mediation qualifications and started mediating various personal, workplace, commercial and community matters in 2012. Naëtt has a deep understanding of business, organisations and communities, due to 30 years’ experience in education, corporate and NGOs (COO and MD level). Her diverse background and qualifications, coupled with insight, intuition and high levels of creative thinking make her an ideal mediation partner for corporates, institutions and other organised communities. Naëtt is inclusive and non-judgemental and able to remain objective at all times. She is not hindered by traditional ways of working and has a knack for disentangling complex issues while staying calm and maintaining everyone’s dignity. Her cross-cultural experiences make it easy for her to relate well across a wide segment of people, cultures and contexts. Naëtt is well versed in finance and believes that money, misunderstanding, and lack of knowledge are often at the heart of conflict. She regularly facilitates Financial Confidence, Conflict Transformation and Constructive Communication workshops.

Practice Areas

  • Business/Commercial
  • Community and peace making
  • Corporate governance
  • Dispute System Design
  • Education/Schools
  • Environment
  • Intellectual property
  • Land Claims
  • Medical negligence
  • Workplace


  • R 1 250 / per hour
  • R 5 000 / per half day
  • R 10 000 / per full day
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