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MEDIATION A RELEVANT SOLUTION I am a parent and a member of a church and community that could benefit from the skills that I have learnt. The South African public are catching up with the rest of the world by becoming a litigious society. To err is normal, we are after all fallible human beings. Not owning up to an error is criminal. Hence the need for pre counselling and signing of consent forms prior to embarking on a health procedure that has a potential of yielding an unfavorable outcome. What is key in such situations is to ensure that the clinicians both medical and allied articulate the possible negative outcomes in advance. I live in a multicultural gated estate, we have an estate chat group, and just the other day somebody asked whether anybody knew of a “garden boy” who would be willing to assist her for a nominal wage. The word boy, not only sparked debate but also offended many of the black members of this community. I saw this as an opportunity to hone the mediating skills that i had learnt. I am pleased to report that the matter was resolved and genuine apologies were rendered.

Practice Areas

  • Community and peace making
  • Health Care/Policy
  • Governmental
  • Religion
  • Workplace


  • R 250 / per hour
  • R 600 / per half day
  • R 1 350 / per full day
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