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Mediation usually leads to finding common ground to a dispute with: - less time - less expense - less stress - less adversity - less reputation damage - less relationship damage The process is voluntary, confidential, impartial and without prejudice. Allow me to help you to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. I always en-devour to uphold: • excellent quality of service delivery and care which is scientifically and medically appropriate. • Dedication and commitment to individual needs. • Efficient health care- in terms of operation and cost effectiveness. I also guarantee: • Client service excellence • Client centeredness and to uphold client's rights • Accessibility and Acceptability • Ethically and culturally appropriate communication skills.

Practice Areas

  • Health Care/Policy
  • Service Delivery
  • Medical negligence


  • R 600 / per hour
  • R 2 000 / per half day
  • R 4 000 / per full day
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