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Short Bio

I am a registered nurse by profession with qualifications in general nursing, psychiatry, nursing management and lean management. I have extensive experience in psychiatry in patient and community level. One of my mains function s were to coordinated mental health services in the Metro and to monitor service level agreements with NGO's providing mental health services. I have been involved in nursing management at Victoria Hospital for the past 5 years and acting CEO for 9 months. I am passionate about conflict resolution and would like to become involved at local level to assist individuals or groups get to the best possible solution to resolve conflict.

Practice Areas

  • Community and peace making
  • Defamation
  • Education/Schools
  • Employment/Labour
  • Environment
  • Service Delivery
  • Medical negligence
  • Rental/Lease
  • Workplace


  • R 500 / per hour
  • R 2 500 / per half day
  • R 4 000 / per full day
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