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Short Bio

Ruth is an accredited mediator in South Africa ([email protected]/MiM) practicing within the fields of workplace conflict resolution and community cohesion. Ruth holds a MA in Theatre and Performance (University of Cape Town), and an undergraduate Diploma in Acting (Drama Centre London). Her knowledge of human behaviour is supported by research and courses including: Interpersonal Neurobiology (Dr. Dan Siegal – Mindsight Institute), Positive Psychology (Prof Barbara Fredrickson – University of North Carolina) and Living Brave Semester – Rumbling with Challenges (Dr.Brene Brown – University of Houston) and Mindfulness Meditation ([email protected]). Ruth, an experienced theatre director in the UK and South Africa, is fascinated by the diversity and universality within the human psyche. This together with a love of people led her into the field of work-place relationships. She is passionate about equipping people with knowledge and tools to improve their relationships and sense of connection. She operates from a space of creativity, integrity, fairness and possibility. She is passionate about rigor in research and transferring it into practical application for creating positive interpersonal relationships.

Practice Areas

  • Community and peace making
  • Workplace


  • R 750 / per hour
  • R 3 000 / per half day
  • R 6 000 / per full day
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